Aggressively promoting Holstein Cattle.

  • The average dairy cow produces about 1,500 gallons of milk each year—that is 19,825 pounds of milk each year. But top producing Holsteins, that are milking twice a day, have been known to produce up to 67,914 lbs of milk in 365 days with 4.5% fat and 3.5% protein content.
  • Promote & facilitate breeding of long lasting, trouble free, high milk & fat producing and fertile Holsteins with shortest possible calving intervals using proven Holstein bull semen and emryos.
  • Increase accuracy of Mammary System evaluation, the most functional and highly emphasized part of a dairy cow. Develop udders that are capacious, tightly attached and have extremely soft texture.
  • Ensure that youth appreciate and see the vision in future business opportunities (from direct production to industry extension) where hard work and risk-taking result in success and profit.
  • Encourage industry partners to be active in the development and deployment of education opportunities for young Indian Holstein Breeders.
  • Gear opportunities towards enabling Indian Young Holstein Breeders to travel to other countries to acquire knowledge about alternative management systems.
  • Create practical exchange opportunities domestically and internationally in order for young Holstein Breeders to learn from fellow Holstein Breeders in USA, Canada, Germany and Australia.
  • Make extensive use of social media to promote breed improvement tools.
  • Effectively communicate that the “Holstein Cattle” has transitioned into a balanced, dairy strong cow that is functionally correct and built to last longer. Sufficient, rather than extreme, depth and width and height are preferred as they are more correlated to efficient production. Ensure that Indian breeders have evolved alongside with the movement, away from excessive height and size, in favor of conformation that supports high production, free of health issues, over a long lifetime.