Punjab Holstein Association

The Association was incorporated in 1990 and the organization is working to promote (B&W and R&W) Holstein cattle in India.
As a non-profit organization, Holstein India exists to help improve the breed of Holstein cattle across India. Our Association is seen as a leader in dairy genetics domestically and around the world. With more than 1500 members, This helps to assist them in evaluating, selecting, and improving their herds through genetic improvement programs that help to enhance the profitability for dairy producers in India.
Our Core Values Are:

  • We are always Customer-focused
  • We have experienced and responsible leadership
  • Team members have passion for the dairy industry
  • We demonstrate utmost integrity and respect to members
  • We try to adopt policies of continuous improvement of Holstein Breed in India.
  • Since 1990 we have tried to embrace latest technology in breed, feed and heed Holsteins.
  • Quality service through open communication to members.
  • Complete co-ordination with breed associations of developed countries like USA, Canada, Germany & Australia.
  • Technology transfer, extension and training are our top priorities within and between all sectors like Education & Research, Medical, milk procurement, feed, fodder and milk producers.