News Bulletin

Holstein India is pleased to offer a National Holstein Young Leader program to Holstein enthusiasts aged 20-30 years. The agenda for the program is developed in Holstein India’s Annual General Meeting of Holstein Association which is held in a different parts each year.

The program involves presentations, farm tours, on-farm workshops, and participation in activities such as the Annual General Meeting. The program offers an excellent opportunity for young leaders to network to learn from experienced and like-minded Holstein breeders and visit different parts of the country.

“Holstein India fosters young leaders from 20 to 30 years of age through a variety of development opportunities, exchanges, social gatherings, recognition, and sponsorship support to visit USA, Canada, Germany and Australia. These activities equip young leaders with the right tools and expanded networks to help experience personal and professional development for the betterment of themselves, the Association and the industry.” To cultivate a group of passionate and unified young leaders who are: knowledgeable and well-trained about Holstein India and enthusiastic advocates and ambassadors for the dairy industry so they remain active members committed to breed improvement and advancement and industry sustainability.”