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Supreme Court revise the Judgment of Milk adulteration-

Mohali, 16 Dec ( ) Supreme Court is requested to review the verdict on life Imprisonment for Adulteration in Milk, as the judgment is not based on ground realties the views were expressed by the CEO of Punjab Holstein Association (Regd.). She said that Court should revise the Judgment and Dairy farmers (Cow milk producers) should be kept out of this Law. In a Press Release Punjab Holstein Association (Regd.) CEO said that Court decision is appreciated but Dairy farmers (Cow milk producers) are involved to produce the milk after that middleman and traders do the adulteration in milk and prepare synthetic milk under the garb of cow milk. It is harmful for human bodies. She said that on 5 December above mentioned judgment given by a bench of Supreme Court Judges K.S Radha. Krishan and A.K Sikri said that for Adulteration in milk 6 months jail is inadequate and it should be life Imprisonment according to Food Security Act. Supreme Court has given orders to State Governments to amend the law and follow the pattern as like U.P ,West Bengal & Orissa Governments. CEO said that according to Supreme Court orders Cow milk fat should be 4.0% .But American Holstein Friesian Cow milk has fat 2.5% to 3.0%. Due to this Dairy Farmers (cow milk producers) can be charged and sentenced for Life Imprisonment without being at fault . More over the political people at local level can misuse this law against poor cow milk producers to tilt their favor as they will always remain prone to be charged any time without being at fault of their own . But supreme court and state governments should keep one thing in mind that farmers get Semen to produce such cows that give milk of 2.5% fat from State Governments under the dairy development program. She said it is a matter of debate. So, farmers are not liable for any punishment for this short coming in the government policy. Therefore it is requested that Supreme court should revise this judgment and Dairy farmers (Cow milk producers) should be kept out of this law for so called Adulteration in milk. One thing more she mentioned that American Holstein Friesian cows demand is coming down due to less fat in milk and demand for German Holstein cows is increasing. Because they have fat content more than 4.5%. So Punjab Holstein Association ( Regd.) is going to provide Semen of pure breed German Holstein in Bulk. So that dairy farmers can get German Holstein cows that can give 4% to 4.5% fat content and become economically solid.